[Mini Blog Post] “Because of those that have gone before me”


I’m still learning.

I hope I am saying this when I’m in my eighties.
In my life, I’ve looked to great mentors to push me to new levels. Most of them have been virtual mentors through books, audiobooks, videos, etc.

Because of those that have gone before me, I am where I am today.

No one is a self-made man or women; this doesn’t take away from the hard work we put in to reach our goals.

I bring up mentors because we need others in our life to help us see our blind spots, and guide us into territory we have never journeyed. Life is not meant to be traveled alone. We need to be growing as leaders, bringing others along with us while we are being pulled into greater levels by mentors who have achieved what we aspire to become.

This process can only happen when we appreciate the journey of life and living it out with those that are pouring their life into us, and we are doing the same for others.

I’m where I am today because of those that have gone before me, and I want to blaze a trail for those that are starting their journey of learning and growing as leaders.