7 steps to creating a health and fitness culture in your life


I can’t imagine how many bundles of P90X or T25 have been sold to men and women while they were sitting on the couch eating ice cream.  I CAN imagine those same bundles of P90X and T25 now collecting dust next to the treadmill that has now become a “clothes hanger”.  If this is you, you’re not alone! I own both DVD sets and I do not use either one. Yep, I fell for it too. Here’s one thing that I have learned over time though: If you want to get fit and healthy, you have to create a culture of health and fitness in your life.  A health and fitness culture is not something you jump into taking on an exercise routine that you have never done before nor in shape for. A health and fitness culture happens gradually, over time in small, bite size increments.

As you implement small changes, it becomes a way of life.

We are a culture of instant results. We hate waiting. We want instant gratification. If you were honest with yourself, you would admit that the shape you are in today did not happen instantaneously. It happened gradually, over time with each individual daily choice. The good news is, today is a new day! You can begin again right now. 

So here are 7 steps to creating a health and fitness culture: 

1. Have a bigger reason to create a fitness culture than just getting fit. 
     Your goals to create a health and fitness culture need to be about something bigger than yourself. Why do you want to creature that culture? Is it because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Is it because you want to live a long healthy life with your family and be able to play with your grand kids someday? Have a vision that gives you a bigger reason each and every day to stick to the plan.  

2. Set up a meal schedule
    Have a list of three possible healthy selections or categories that you can eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, I know that I can choose to eat eggs, oatmeal or an extremely low sugar content cereal for breakfast. Having three categories gives me variety and a healthy choice. 

3.  Keep healthy snacks (that you actually enjoy the taste of) with you at ALL times. 
     One of the quickest ways to destroy your fitness culture is to not have healthy snacks with in-between meals. 

4. Cook at home as much as possible 
     Cooking at home not only helps you to control what you eat, it also creates great connecting points with those in your home. 

5. If you need to eat out, have a plan before you get to the restaurant. 
     Knowing what you can eat at your favorite restaurant puts you in the drivers seat when it comes times to eat. 

6. Be accountable 
     Recruit those that are close to you and love you to hold you accountable to your new fitness culture. Fill them in on everything you are doing and want to accomplish. 

7. Begin taking small steps to exercise
     Take a walk or a short jog around the block and then do it again the next day, and the next, and the next until you are walking a few miles or running a few miles. 

Creating a health and fitness culture is about small consistent choices each day that compounds to create a lifestyle that lasts for years to come!

You can do it! Move your health from breakdown to breakthrough today!

What would you add to the list? How are you creating a health and fitness culture in your life? Leave a comment below or a voice mail on the side of the page! 

How I brought greater clarity & focus to my life by defining three things

through camera lens


My life used to be pretty chaotic. I would over commit and underestimate what I could actually accomplish leaving me feeling unclear as to what was  most important.  I was a habitual overcommitter (That’s a new word I just made up! Well, after a Google search it is in the urban dictionary.)  I would say yes to serving on boards, yes to every counseling session, yes to taking on that extra project, yes to the dinner appointments,  yes, yes , yes. I wanted to help people so I always said yes. It was easy to justify my yes answer under the guise of “helping” people. As I said yes to helping others, I was causing areas of breakdown in my own life.

Today, I still love helping people but am very focused and clear about what I commit to.  Over the last four years I have learned the difference between being busy and living  focused.

Focused living is saying no to everything that is not essential to your core purpose.

Here is a great definition of core purpose from Jim Collins:
Core Purpose: A persons fundamental reason for existence  – a perpetual guiding star on the horizon, not to be confused with specific goals or strategies.”

My core purpose is: “To help my family, friends, church and world learn and grow in the way, the truth and the life of Jesus.”

So how can you know what fits in your core purpose and what does not?

I use the following core guiding principles to direct how I accomplish my core purpose:

  • I will live out my core purpose by prioritizing my schedule around my family before everything else.
  • I will live out my core purpose by teaching, equipping and participating in community with our element Church family.
  • I will live out my core purpose through the 1 Day Breakthrough blog, podcast, teaching and coaching.

Everything I say yes to has to fit in to my core guiding principles and my commitment schedule.

My commitment schedule looks life this:

  • I commit to one counseling session on Sunday after service only unless  it is an emergency. All counseling sessions have to be done by 2pm.
  • I commit to early morning breakfast appointments and short lunch appointments two times a week.
  • I commit to one extra evening appointment twice a month.
  • I commit to attending a small group one evening a week at my church

If you are unclear as to where to commit your time and energy, take time to define the following three things for your life:

  1. Your core purpose
  2. Your core guiding principles
  3. Your commitment schedule.

When you have these three things defined, will gain the clarity and focused needed to move your priorities and schedule from breakdown to breakthrough!

Question: What areas of your life are you looking for greater clarity? Leave a comment below.