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You want to be happy. I want to be happy. I have never met anyone who didn’t want to be happy yet you can be happy and still feel very unfulfilled in life.
Happiness is a temporal emotion attached to momentary experiences. Seeking happiness isn’t wrong it’s just limiting.When we chase happiness we are all actually searching for fulfillment.
When we chase happiness we are often choosing instant satisfaction over long term gain. We do this to cover over our lack of fulfillment and meaning in our lives. Finding fulfillment and meaning is what brings depth to our lives.  Happiness will come and go but fulfillment will give you depth beyond one single emotion like a happiness.
Fulfillment speaks to our inner soul it connects us to something greater than ourselves. Happiness will give you temporary joy but fulfillment will give you purpose. When you are living a life of purpose and meaning, a life with fulfillment, you can push through almost anything regardless of your emotional state.
So how do we find fulfillment over happiness? 
1.Always remember you are special and important to humanity.  
Accept that there is only one YOU and YOU are on this earth to make a difference. I don’t believe that we are all on this earth by chance. God created you for a reason. Your life matters.
2. Never make money and things your main focus. 
Decide today that true fulfillment has nothing to do with any amount of wealth or things you can accumulate. There is nothing wrong with wealth or owning a bunch of stuff. They both bring temporal happiness but never true fulfillment.
3. Help people. 
True fulfillment is found when we help others. You can rake your elderly neighbors leaves, bring a hot meal to a friend, volunteer at a local homeless shelter, or take a philanthropy trip to help starving children in the Sudan. Helping others is key to finding fulfillment.
4. Forgive and Let Go
When you live a life of forgiveness you find that your life is filled with greater fulfillment. Forgiveness causes our spirit to feel unchained from the hurt and pain that people have caused us. Forgiving others does not mean becoming friends with the person that hurt you or if you have been hurt in a horrible way such as being molested (like I was as a child), forgiveness does not mean speaking to the person. You can forgive someone in your heart with out telling them face to face. Letting go of past hurt and pain is essential to finding fulfillment. As long as you live your life feeling physically, emotional, or spiritually robbed in some way, you will never find complete fulfillment. It took years for me to forgive the person that molested me. It messed me up as a child, but true freedom and true fulfillment came when I forgave and let go.
Move your life from breakdown to breakthrough today!  Clear the physical, emotional and spiritual clutter from your life. Fulfillment comes when we give and forgive. Stop chasing happiness and go do that which brings true meaning and purpose…true fulfillment.
How do find fulfillment in life? Let me know. I would love to chat with you! Leave a comment below.  
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