I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want to be happy yet you can be happy and still feel very unfulfilled in life.

Happiness is a temporal emotion attached to momentary experiences.

We pursue happiness by moving up the corporate ladder, striving to make more money, buying a bigger house or more material possessions.

Seeking happiness isn’t wrong, it’s just limiting.

When we chase happiness, what we are all searching for is meaning and fulfillment and meaning and fulfillment is not found in the number of our material possessions.

When we pursue happiness, we are often choosing instant satisfaction over long term fulfillment. We do this to cover over our lack of fulfillment and meaning in our lives.

Happiness will come and go, but fulfillment will give you depth beyond one single emotion like happiness.

Fulfillment speaks to our inner soul; it connects us to something greater than ourselves.

I have learned to pursue fulfillment over happiness by:

1.Always remembering I am unique and valuable to humanity.
I believe we are all on this earth for a purpose. Our life matters.

2. Never making money and material possessions my primary focus.
I decided that true fulfillment has nothing to do with any amount of wealth or things I can accumulate. There is nothing wrong with wealth. I have learned that money only brings temporary happiness but never real fulfillment.

3. Help People.
For me, I find true fulfillment when I help others.
There are so many practical ways to contribute to humanity.
You can rake your elderly neighbor’s leaves, bring a hot meal to a friend, or homeless shelter. Be creative and look for ways to help people.

Pursuing fulfillment over happiness will bring you greater meaning to your life and real joy.

Question: What brings you fulfillment over happiness?

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KC Cupp

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