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OK…you are reading this blog post because you feel so overwhelmed with everything that you have to get done…right?

In fact you probably thought “KC, I’m too overwhelmed to even write my “To Do” list! To put your mind at ease (or possibly make you more stressed) your “To Do” list will never be completely finished. You may cross some things off but there will always be other things to add to the list.

So how can you stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed about everything you have to do?

Here are 5 steps to feeling less stressed and in control of the things you have to get done.

1. Write it down!

This may seem like a total no brainer but I promise you (and you may be one of them) not everyone writes  down the things they have to get done. The worst thing you can do is keep things in your head! Your brain is trained to try to tell you everything that you have to do all at once! Also, it tells you that you have to get it all done this very second. As long as you keep things in your head you will continue to feel tremendous stress and like you will never dig yourself out of the mess you are in.

2. Group your tasks into like categories

For each task ask yourself the following questions

“Where does this need to take place? Home, Computer, Calls, Errands, Work, etc… also ask

“Do I need to do this or can I delegate it to another person?” 

Write next to each task the place or the person that will complete the task.

3. Set a date to complete each task: 

For each task ask yourself the following question:

“When does this need to be completed? Next Monday?, Tomorrow morning? Etc…

Write down the date next the each task and category for each task.

4. Rewrite your “To Do” list

Rewrite YOUR “To Do” list (not the task that you have delegated) beginning with the tasks that have to be completed the quickest working your way out to those that have the farthest deadline. Then, delegate the remaining tasks with the completion date to the specific person.

5. Do the tasks on your list! 

Having an organized list of everything that you need to do or that you have delegated will relieve stress automatically. What will relieve the stress even more is when you begin to carry out those tasks and cross them off your list. Get your “To Do” under control! Get Free, Move your To Do list from breakdown to breakthrough! You can do it!

What is your biggest obstacle to getting your “To Do” list completed? Leave a comment below. 

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